Think Your Suffering With Kidney Stones?

Think Your Suffering With Kidney Stones?

What Are Common Kidney Stone Symptoms?

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If you are enduring an intense lower back pain that consistently throbs, then you may be experiencing what many men, women and teenagers experience which are kidney stone symptoms.

First lets go over what kidney stones are and how they affect our lives. Check out the video below.

Symptoms of kidney stones may include intense pain in the lower back nausea is also common which results in vomiting and dizziness. It is also common for blood to be in the urine when kidney stones are passing.

A bladder stone is a solid crystal formed of dietary minerals and is first found in the kidneys before it passes through the ureter and out of the urine.

Bladder stones effect men and women ages 19-30. Data from family history and physical examination would provide the exact diagnoses of someones kidney stone.

When symptoms cause severe pain medication is the first option for relief. Ibuprofen 3-4 times a day will help decrease some of the discomfort.

Kidney Stone Types

There are more than one type of bladder stones which means that there is more than one cause of bladder stones.

kidney stone symptoms caused by small rock like stones in the kidneys.
They include:
  • Uric acid stones - 5% to 10% of stones are formed of uric acid.

  • Struvite stones - 10% to 15% are struvate stones and can occur in most women.

  • Cystine stones - 1% or less are caused by cystine and is most common when cystine is in the urine.

  • Calcium stones - 80% are caused by calcium oxalate.

Prevent Kidney Stones

There have been many cases of kidney stones. Some more sever than others never the less painful. The intense pain is sure to put a grown man in agony which is why following these kidney stone prevention tips is important.

Drink plenty of water and low carbonated liquids. The more water you drink the easier it is for the stone to flush out of your system. Water helps concentrate the urine which also helps the flow of the urine and stone out of the bladder.

Maintain a balanced mineral diet. Low magnesium to calcium has also been linked to kidney stones, maintaining a balanced mineral diet will help avoid this deficiency.

Exercising will also decrease the levels of calcium your body releases. Not only that, it stabilizes your blood pressure to help decrease the risk of kidney stones.

Kidney Stones Treatment

Depending on the size of the stone it should pass on its own. If that is the case then kidney stone treatment can be done at home by doing the following:
  • Drink a ton of water to help the stone pass. A liter and a half a day minimum.

  • Take anti inflammatory medication to help decrease the pain.

  • Unless the stones are block the urinary tract a surgical procedure is not needed.

Kidney Stones Diet Plan

No matter what drinking water should be in a diet for kidney stones. Since different minerals are revolved around the causes of the stones there can be a different diet depending on the diagnoses.

Eat a well balanced diet that doesn't contain high oxalate, calcium or animal protein. Take multi vitamins everyday to maintain a strengthened immune system.

Fiber is important for any bladder stones diet because it helps balance the levels of calcium in the kidneys. This fiber can be found in rice, barley or wheat.

By maintaining a healthy diet you will avoid kidney stone symptoms and boost your kidney health.

Kidney stone symptoms from wikipedia.

Top 5 Ways To Prevent Kidney Stones

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Looking to prevent those horrible kidney stones from forming within your kidneys? The type of diet and daily activities will determine if stones form. Check out these 5 tips to prevent kidney stones from developing.

  1. Drinks lots of water. - Water is the best way to flush any kidney stones out of the kidneys.
  2. Avoid surgery drinks. - A lot of drinks now a days contain enormous amounts of sugar its best to avoid these if you want to prevent any stones from forming.
  3. Eat a healthy diet with a lot of fruit and vegetables. - Fruits and vegetable contain the minerals and beneficial chemicals our bodies need to prevent stones from forming.
  4. Exercise as much as possible. - Exercise is great to stay healthy and maintain a healthy digestive system which is beneficial to fighting kidney stones.
  5. Avoid high oxalate foods such as chocolate, tea etc. - Certain foods may allow kidney stones to form and by staying away from these foods your limiting your chances of getting kidney stones.
Keeping the kidney's healthy overall will prevent kidney stones from forming.The more hydrated the body is the better your kidneys will function. Kidney stone prevention can be done daily and is done by eating and drinking healthy.

How To Quickly Pass A Kidney Stone

    Kidney stones can cause extreme pain for those that have them. These stones can be a real nu-sense in someones life. Once you leave the hospital and the pain medication wears off reality sets in.The pain just makes daily life and daily challenges more complicated. For some people work and school are unmanageable when kidney stones are still a problem. Learn how to quickly pass a kidney stone at home with no surgical procedures done by using the following tips.

  • Drink a ton of water. Drinking up to a liter of distilled water a day will make the biggest difference and help the kidney stone pass through the kidneys. The key is to urinate as often as possible so that the stone will eventually pass.
  • Add apple cider vinegar to your diet. Apple cider vinegar is a natural toxin fighter. It also helps reduce the size of the kidney stone by breaking up its substance.
  • Increase the amount of citric acid in your diet. Eating fruits like oranges, pineapples and lemons will increase the amount of citric acid in your stomach which begins to break down the stones. 
  • Exercise as much as possible. Get the body moving and sweating. This will help the stone start moving towards the ureter and begins its exit through the urine.
As painful as kidney stones are there is no instant cure to get rid of the kidney stones. The best solution yet is to drink a great amount of water until the pain is gone. You will know the stone is gone when the pain stops. People with stones that are sizes 6-8mm will have to pass them at home. Stones that are larger may need to be surgically removed.

For more solutions to pass a kidney stone quickly check out this article called 6 Easy Remedies To Dissolve Kidney Stones Naturally.

The Best Instant Home Remedy For Kidney Stone Pain

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The pain caused by kidney stones can often become unbearable. No matter what drinking a lot of water is the best instant home remedy for kidney stone pain.

The pain these stones cause can lead to extreme nausea and fatigue. Doctors can only do so much and pain killers are not everyone's forte. There are many solutions recommended to those with this problem but only a select few do any good for relieving pain in the kidney.

What causes kidney stones?

Kidney stones form when excess minerals are not excreted from the kidneys and begin to form into a stone. Most stones are very small and can pass on its own while others are so big that a surgical procedure may need to be done. Some habits that lead to these stones are:
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Not getting enough calcium and magnesium 
  • Eating an unhealthy diet
Why do kidney stones hurt so much?

When bladder stones become solid enough to cause blockage within the kidneys extreme pain is felt. No matter how big or small the pain is it will hurt. The body uses the kidneys to filter any toxins through the urine when there is a blockage within the kidneys toxins are blocked from leaving the body.

How do I relieve my bladder stone pain?

Most stones 6mm - 8mm can be passed within 3 to 4 days. Stones 8mm and up may need hospital kidney stone treatment. When dealing with any kidney problem its always best to drink as much water as possible. Water will flush the kidneys and is the main substance to pass the stone. The more water that is consumed the faster the stone will pass and the pain will instantly decrease.

One of the best instant home remedies for kidney stone pain is to consume 1-2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar everyday until the pain decreases. Apple Cider Vinegar is good for breaking the minerals up so it is easier to pass as well as removing the toxins left over.

It can take anywhere from 5 to 10 days before the kidneys are flushed from any toxins and pain free. This will depend on the amount of water your body is consuming.

A good tip is to use a hot wash cloth and place it on the lower back area where the pain is present. This has helped for me personally and I couldn't of imagined going through the pain without it. Besides the prescribed pain meds from the doctor it is advised to take 3 tablets of Vitamin B as well as 300mg of fish oil.

The Home Kidney Stone Symptoms Guide