Simple Kidney Stone Prevention Tips Sufferers Should Know

Unless you have experienced kidney stones you won't know the exact feeling of pain that occurs which is why someone would want further kidney stone prevention information. The exact symptoms for any kidney stone may be:
  • Body Aches
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Bloody or cloudy brown urine.
If the pain is unbearable then you need to definitely see a doctor. This is from the stone causing a blockage as it travels to the bladder.


Oxalate And Uric Acid Kidney Stone Prevention

  • Oxalate Stones - If the kidney stones are from high oxalate foods then you should follow a diet plan that doesn't contain such high amounts of oxalate. Most common foods that contain oxalate are chocolate and nuts.
  • Uric Acid Stones - High levels of uric acid form the types of stones. What causes high levels of uric acid stones can  be hereditary or from a high fructose die
Preventing most types of kidney stones can be done by doing three things.
  1. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.
  2. Change your diet to balance out the known mineral causing the stone.
  3. Exercise regularly to remain healthy and fit.

Kidney Stone Prevention Diet

A persons diet can be a really big factor when it comes to preventing kidney stone. Since kidney stones are often caused by consuming too much or too little of a mineral with minimal water, eating a balanced diet will eliminate this problem

Below is a list of foods to avoid for each kidney stone diet:

Foods High In Calcium Oxalate -
  • endives
  • asparagus
  • eggplant
  • brussels sprouts
  • cucumbers 
  • celery and beets
  • almonds
  • walnuts
  • cashews and pecans
  • peanuts
  • pinto beans
  • black beans
  • soybeans
  • cornstarch
  • corn
  • potatoes and sweet potatoes
  • beer
  • tea
  • coffee
  • soy
  • chocolate
  • tomatoes
Foods High In Uric Acid -
  • lamb
  • beef
  • pork
  • chicken
  • duck
  • goose
  • mushrooms
  • asparagus
  • lentils 
  • cauliflower 
  • spinach 
  • peas
  • beans
  • alcohol
  • seafood

This is just a basic list of foods that contain different amounts of uric acid and calcium oxalate. It doesn't mean that these foods can't be eaten it just means they shouldn't be over consumed on top of not staying hydrated which contributes to the stones forming again.

After kidney stone treatment, prevention is the next step to avoid the painful kidney stones all together.


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