Easy Home Kidney Stone Diet Plan

Its important to know what type of kidney stone diet is right for you. Kidneys stones often develop from the the foods in someones diet. Since there are more than one type of kidney stone there is more than one type of diet.

The two most common types of stones are calcium and oxalate stones. Treatment is based around the exact cause of the stone. Your doctor will be able to identify the stone once you pass it through your system.

Calcium Stones

If you have a calcium stone you might want limit or increase some things in your diet plan. For instance if there is a calcium deficiency its advised to limit the intake of sodium. Sodium will increase the amount of calcium lost in the urine. By limiting your sodium intake you will likely lower the risk of calcium stones.

Consuming good sources of calcium such as milk, cheese and yogurt will help maintain a healthy diet.

Oxalate Stones

Oxalate Stones be prevented by avoiding high oxalate foods. If you have an oxalate stone then it is recommended to avoid foods such as spinach,  nuts, chocolate, tea and soy milk. Doing more research about high oxalate foods will help inform you of foods to avoid.

What Type Of Diet Should I Follow For Kidney Stones?

Depending on the type of stone your doctor has identified you should avoid certain foods with high levels of oxalate or sodium. A good diet plan for kidney stones involves drinking lots and lots of water and decreasing the amount of animal-protein intake, salty foods or high oxalate foods.

Drinking a lot of water helps not only to flush the stone out of your kidneys but it also helps to prevent more minerals from sticking together and forming more stones.

Are There Any More Tips To Avoid Kidney Stones?

Preventing kidney stones relies on the type of stone being formed in the urine. This ultimately helps you decide on what type of foods to avoid.

A great diet plan for kidney stone patients are:
  • Drink a lot of water
  • (Calcium Stone) Eat less salty foods and consume a balanced amount of calcium.
  • (Oxalate Stone) Decrease the amount of oxalate foods consumed.
  • Reduce amount of animal protein consumed.
  • Eat plenty of fiber.
  • Drink a fair amount of lemonade which help prevent kidney stones.

With this kidney stone diet information you are able to have a better understanding about the diet to follow  to prevent kidney stones. Your doctor will give a more in-depth eating plan to follow once the stone is recognized.

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