What Causes Kidney Stones?

Most often the causes of kidney stones are linked to one's dietary or hereditary background. The main cause is due to not drinking enough water which is the natural mineral to flush the kidneys.

Different kidney stones are formed by different minerals. Minerals such as calcium, oxalate, sodium and uric acid are the primary the causes of kidney stones. When over consumed or deficient water becomes the number one way to avoid the formation.

Causes Of Calcium Oxalate Stones

When there is a calcium deficiency the body produces a substance known as oxalate. The oxalate then travel through the blood and into the urine. When dehydration occurs the oxalate begins to form a stone within the kidney.

Not only can the body produce a high amount of oxalate when the body is low on calcium but certain foods contain a high amount of this molecule.

For a list of foods high in oxalate and uric acid read my post about kidney stone prevention.

Causes Of Uric Acid Stones

These types of stones are most often found in men and are caused by uric acid which can form crystals within the kidneys. Eating high amounts of animal protein is will acidify the urine this then causes a uric acid to develop within the kidney.

The best solution for those who suffer with uric acid is to decrease the amount of foods that contain high amounts of uric acid.

What Causes Struvite Stones

This stone most often effects women. It is often caused by urinary tract infections. When bacteria is presented the body attempts to alkalinizes the urine and the stones begin to develop.

What Causes Cystine Stones

Cystine stones form when amino acids leave the kidneys into the urine to form a stone.

What Next?

Now that you can identify the molecule that is causing the formation of the stones you can begin avoiding high amounts of it. Also drinking high amounts of water helps flush the urine from any kidney stone causing molecules.

For a list of food that causes kidney stones check out my kidney stones prevention post here.


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