6 Easy Remedies To Dissolve Kidney Stones Naturally

Millions of men and women deal with kidney stones at some time point in their lives. To dissolve kidney stones the important thing to continue to do is drink a great deal of water often.

Most stones are caused by a few different things such as diet and heredity. The stones can be formed when some minerals are over consumed and began to stick together.

High sodium and sometimes high oxalate food intake are the two most likely causes but a stone can only be diagnosed after it is tested by a doctor.

Kidney stones can be different sizes and the bigger they are of course the more pain you will feel. Some stones may be small enough to where you won't even feel it pass through your system.

cranberry juice to dissolve kidney stones

Dissolve Kidney Stone Home Remedy

More than likely treatment for bladder stones will be done from home and you will have no choice but to stand the pain until the stones pass through the ureter and out the bladder. The following remedies have helped some but may not work for everyone and they are:

  • Lemon Juice and Water - Mixing a small amount of lemon juice with each glass of water will helped speed up the the kidney stone that is passing. This also has helped reduce the pain caused from the symptoms.
  • Cranberry Juice - Cranberry juice does a good job flushing the kidneys from not only the stones but also other impurities within the kidneys. Cranberry juice will help break up the calcium deposits that will pass through the system.
  • Coconut Water - This is a good alternative to water and helps flush the kidneys as well.
  • Herbal Tea - A lot of herbal teas can work really well decreasing the amount of uric acid built up in the kidneys.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar - 3 teaspoons a day will help dissolve the stones so they are small enough to pass through the ureter.
  • Soda (Phosphoric Acid) - Although it has been said that soda is the cause of kidney stones, soda just so happens to contain phosphoric acid which helps break up the mineral formed in the kidneys.

Most of these remedies will have a positive effect on the stones passing. The more water intake the faster the stones can travel out of the kidneys into the bladder. Once the stones have passed maintain a kidney stone diet plan. This should consists of healthy fruits and vegetables and it should avoid foods that contain high sodium and high oxalate foods.

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